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Who We Are & What We Are About


Life Behind Bars is the ultimate forum for bartenders, waiters, cocktail servers and other service industry workers.   Specifically, members of the group, known as INMATES interact with one another through sharing stories, jokes, ideas, drink recipes, issues, complaints and much more, all related to life in the service industry. Our mission is simple to unite the service industry, one story at a time.
Life Behind Bars has blossomed into a highly interactive community by providing service industry workers with opportunities for networking, socializing, advertising, marketing and promoting anything and everything related to the service industry.  INMATES utilize Life Behind Bars to meet new friends, to organize drinking outings, to discuss the hottest bars, clubs and restaurants, to find roommates, to procure jobs and much more.    
With over 10,000 INMATES spanning across the United States and into several other countries such as Canada, Italy, Germany and Australia; the popularity of the forum has grown exponentially in the past few years.  Life Behind Bars is the support group and family service industry workers have always wanted but never had.  Well, never until now.

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Life Behind Bars Series

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Life Behind Bars Charities

Susan G Komen Foundation: Every year we work with Susan G Comen Foundation for the fight against breast cancer.  We throw a riot at a local cell and donate the proceeds to the charity.  

Autism Speaks:  We also raise money for the fight against autism.  We do it our way and throw a riot for our inmates at a local cell and donate the proceeds.

If you have a charity in mind that you would like to talk to us about please contact us via email

We always support our inmates in need.  If something tragic happens we raise money and pull together to raise money for our fellow inmates.  Its sad that these things happen but we will do all we can to help you get back on top.


The Parole Board

The parole board consists of The Lifer, The Warden and The Lawyer.  

(From Left to Right: The Lifer, The Warden & The Lawyer)



The Lifer - In the business for 20years as a 3rd generation bartender

The Warden - A bartender, musican, and graphic artist

The Lawyer - A lawyer that bartended his way through college and law school